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Please observe all safety precautions If the alert is sounded all Warriors must proceed to their assigned posts. Civilians will be requested to vacate the Launch Area.

Fumarillo smoking is strictly forbidden (This means you, Starbuck!)

Mission Listings

Flood in Space by Gillepsie
The ultimate wallow story ...

And Silent the Night by Jizelle
A pensive Colonel Tigh reflects on the past.

Phoenix by AS Lawrence
He had never known the glory ...

My Father's Daughter by AS Lawrence
Looking back into the past, it's altogether too easy to lay the blame on others ...

In the Belly of Leviathan by Pythia
While on a routine recruiting mission, Apollo, Starbuck and Colonel Tigh discover that superstitious rumours can conceal dangerous truths - and that even the most unassuming of warriors can turn out to be a hero.
From the Underworld by A S Lawrence
Twenty yahren ago, I wrote a song ...

The Senses Trilogy

Ghosts in the Machine by Pythia
Lt Boomer and Corporal Koma stumble upon alien artifacts not accounted for in the Galactica's manifest - and discover there are five inhabitants of the ship not listed amongst its crew ...

With a little Help from my Friends by Pythia
The Galactica is heading directly into trouble - but the only warning comes from the incorporeal Senses who inhabit the ship. Has the warning come in time? And will anyone listen to it?

Tricks of the Light by Pythia
Just another ordinary day for the Speaker to the Senses - until the sadistic actions of his commanding officer triggers a sequence of events that no one is going to believe ...

Let's go Home.
Some home - a peice of metal in the middle of nowhere.
Beats plain nowhere. Until we find Earth, that is ...

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